An Outcome of Anger . . .

What do you do when you’re rebuked by your father for no fault of yours? What do you do when your crush goes out with your best friend? What do you do when you’re angry??

Well, I was once sent out of the class for reasons unknown. What was the outcome of it?

The outcome was this poem… ” If I Were A Squirrel, So Free.”

If I Were A Squirrel, So Free

It was a hot and humid afternoon,

And I was punished for reasons unknown.

I sat in a chair, in one lonely corner,

Biting my nails, and my heart brimmed with anger.

Suddenly, a cool and gentle breeze blew,

And the hair falling on my forehead flew.

I looked out of the window,

And saw with awe, a squirrel move to and fro.

It climbed up a tree,

And jumped with glee.

No one to restrict,

No one to contradict.

I wish I were a squirrel, so free.

No rules and regulations that govern me.

I wish my life was beautiful, just like that,

With boundless freedom, no one to cut.

No books, no bags, no heavy loads,

To carry on my shoulders, on the bustling roads.

No seniors, no sirs, no one to fight,

I could dance like no one’s watching, in the bright sun light.

And then, I could hear a dog, from a distance bark,

And the squirrel hid in a hole so dark.

It was then that I realized, problems exist everywhere,

It’s how you face them, that takes you anywhere.



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