Forsake, Oh Poor Men

Women were always considered to be an inferior gender in the society. There were times when they weren’t allowed to leave their homes, and all they could dream of doing was the monotonous household chores. Thanks to some great visionaries, those shackles have been broken in the recent times. We are now a proud nation to have produced a Kalpana Chawla and an Indira Gandhi. The recent news of a surge in cases of violence against women has however, left me aghast. Be it the acid attacks on two engineering students from Warangal, or be it the murder of an upcoming actress down south, the impact of these incidents was tremendous.

This poem titled “Forsake, Oh Poor Men” expresses my resentment over the occurence of such incidents…


Forsake, Oh Poor Men!!!

Soft, tender, and lovelier than a lily,

With sparkling brown eyes, and radiating beauty;

After centuries of cruelty, and atrocity,

They began to venture out into a male dominant society.

We attack them, and injure them,

And then their freedom, we condemn.

Oh! Wicked men!!When do we realize, it’s a woman who gave us birth?

And without the existence of whom, none could survive on this earth?

It’s a gender which feeds us with the milk of their breast,

Despite the pain, and suffering, and the blood that flows abreast.

But what do we, cruel men give them in return?

Acid burns, words so stern, and a painful spurn?

Oh, shameless men!!! Arise and awake…

It’s time to think, act, and forsake.

For woman is the only oppressed; who lives in close intimacy,

With their oppressors who live in blind folded supremacy.



6 thoughts on “Forsake, Oh Poor Men

  1. Indu says:

    This is truely a magnumopus, without exaggeration.Believe me.Awesome work.Deeper I look into it greater I see its depth.Is it your heart or is it your mind??? Great craftsmanship…Every word is more than a cluster of letters.Every thought is more than effusion of mind.The poet in you is a serious guy.Hold him tight.Hope your greycells churn out lot more like this.All the best.

  2. Anupee says:

    Great description dude..!jus awesome…Ur style of poetry is just superlative..reminds me of the great poems i’ve read…!ur choice of words are soo good…they aren’t that naive and at that the same they are not too complemented…its that perfect blend…!

  3. rakesh says:

    Tooooooo good ra ASHI

  4. Varsha says:

    Ashish! This is the best you’ve written so far. Really amazing. How could you think so deep? How can you be so sensitive towards women? I agree. It is truly magnum opus. I am seriously out of words. I feel proud of myself, both for being born as a woman, and for being your friend. Keep up the good work! I’d really love to read more from you. More and more.

  5. apoorva says:

    good work. ths might be the best one u hav written. it shws the present situation good. very very good

  6. Aparna says:

    Hey Ashish
    I am impressed ! A very nice poem. Kudos !
    Keep writing.

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