Inspired, thus transformed . . .

Inspired, Thus Transformed . . .


On a bright and sunny Friday morning, I found myself on the streets of Visakhapatnam, a city where rapid progress in every sphere is evident. The roads were already bustling with speeding motorcyclists, and vulnerable pedestrians hustling about their way to work. I was however, an exception, for I had nothing noteworthy to do, and thus, I kept myself busy looking around aimlessly. I was alone in an auto, the commonest form of transport in most parts of Urban India. After a not so tiring journey of almost a quarter hour, something drew my attention, and it was something I couldn’t let go unnoticed. No, it was not a beautiful desi girl, and it sure wasn’t the only R1 in town. It was something none of us, including me, if only I were reading this, could expect. It was an average Indian’s strong desire to lend a helping hand to those in need, in whatever little way he could. I became an instant admirer of this tiny, physically challenged yet mentally determined auto driver from the slums of the cosmopolitan city. He, on the rear side of his auto, had written, “Free transport will be provided to the old, the handicapped, and pregnant women during time of child birth,” in the local language, Telugu. I was so impressed by this noble gesture that I had immediately taken a few snaps, just for anamnesis. It left my inactive mind, rusted by weeks of laziness, pondering. I condemn child labour, I sympathize with the diseased, I convey my resentment over violence against women, I protest against dowry, and corruption, and I demand my rights, and resort to any means to get them fulfilled. But, what have I done about my duties? If only I have the audacity to dream of a better India, a nation free from all evils she has been cursed with, the dreams of billions of Indians would no longer remain in the distant horizons’. We could one day live in such an India, if only we have the audacity to dream, and act.


Inspired by this . . .

3 thoughts on “Inspired, thus transformed . . .

  1. Shruthi says:

    The fact that simple things inspire us a lot is proved through the actions of this auto man, and it was brought to light by you.
    Good Work

  2. krishna teja says:

    boy…..its awesome….i ve gone through the entire blog…i m truely inspired… i ve come to know what is called blogging….

  3. Aparna says:

    Wow!!! Amazing….

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