Driven by passion, Powered by Anguish . . .

Right from the time I was a little kid, reluctant to go to school, I was fascinated on seeing those superstars perform daredevil feats, and dance to the catchy tunes. Though, I have no serious plans to make film making my profession, driven by the passion, I had decided to take it up as a hobby. Since then, my friends and myself, all driven by the same passion, made our hands dirty in film making.

This one, titled “Child Labour” is a way of expressing our anguish, and resentment over the social evil. It’s about a boy called Ramu, an orphan who has been working in a household from the age of eight. His dreams, aspirations, and emotions form the crux of the story. Barring a few lapses in editing, the overall outcome of this short film is satisfactory.

Thanking you all for the support, and hoping the same would continue for our future endeavours as well!!!

One thought on “Driven by passion, Powered by Anguish . . .

  1. Shruthi says:

    Heart touching! It almost made me cry. Good work.

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