Save your Sympathy . . .

We have named our movie “Save your Sympathy” because we all share one common belief. As long as mankind exists, so does hope. We believe there are a lot of people out there who satisfy their conscience by sympathizing with the poor and needy, by sympathizing with the needs of the very much needy world , in fact sympathy is pretty much all they are ready to give. Unfortunately, sympathy doesn’t feed hungry poverty stricken children on the streets, it doesn’t console the elderly men and women who have been abandoned by their own flesh and blood, it doesn’t cure cancer and it sure doesn’t heal the wounds of a dying planet….mother earth. However, there are “the few” who do more than just sympathize, who actually bend their backs and do something in spite of their own personal grievances, who work for the welfare of others even though its considered to be “ugly”, “hard”, “shameful” and “downright painful”. There is a lesson to be learnt from the actions of such men which words simply cannot describe. Hope exists with them.
In the movie, we try to teach this very lesson. A young man learns this lesson by witnessing an act, which involves two complete strangers who have their own problems to worry about. We touch diverse topics such as the importance of brotherhood, integrity, protection of the environment and how the little things make all the difference.

This extremely short film filled our hearts with pride, because it’s this film that has got us the little bit of recognition we possess today. It was adjudged the best film from amongst forty odd entries at Aadhrita’08, a National Level Technical Symposium conducted by the MVGR College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam, and also stood second at Vajra’08 organized by the Pydah Engineering College, Visakhapatnam.  

2 thoughts on “Save your Sympathy . . .

  1. Anupee says:

    Yeah absolutely true…!!we live in a grief stricken world full of sympathy n no real concern….this very short film which i’ve watched has beautifully n clearly protrayed the above problem…!Hats off..!

  2. Aparna says:

    A splendidly depicted film. I agree that most of us lack the right attitude. And I seriously think, this is the main reason for India lagging behind countires like China and small countires like Singapore, Israel etc.

    We need to indeed change our attitude !

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