I Love you PB…

Follow traffic rules. Live long. Friends, I love you all.



In what was seemingly the saddest day in my life, I couldn’t cry my heart out. I was left with friends to console, and shock to absorb. Every now and then, I had to wipe out the tears that have automatically filled my eyes. It was something that fills my heart with grief every single second of every single day. I’ve lost a classmate, a teammate, and above all, a friend in an unfortunate mishap. I couldn’t sleep; I didn’t dare to close my eyes. The moment my eye lids were shut, I could see his image; he was smiling and greeting me. Finally, at night, when none could see me, I was in uncontrollable sobs. I wanted him back. I wanted him to live. I wanted him to stay with me, beside me, forever and ever. My mind was turbulent; my heart was in utter chaos. I was angry with fate. I was upset with destiny. A young and jovial boy of my age was taken away from his parents, relatives and friends at such a tender age. He had dreams to fulfill, and promises to keep but god was unfair. I was dumbstruck when his mom asked me if I could give her back her son if she had stopped crying. I had no answer for that question. None of us have.

 Wherever he is, whatever he does, he’s above us all, watching us, and hoping we’re all safe. To make him happy, let’s make our hearts hard, and let’s consolidate ourselves, and let’s give his parents the strength and support they need. After all, we’re their children too.

Friends, I love you all. I cannot see any of you suffering. I request you humbly. The biggest respect we could pay him is to obey the traffic rules. Speed thrills but kills. Let’s drive safe and slow, and let’s all take a vow to use helmets. Each time we drive let’s think about our friends, and family. Can we all put up with another of us suffering?

With watery eyes, grief filled heart and hallucinating and disturbed mind, I convey my heartfelt condolences to our very own PB, and I pledge to drive safe. I wish you all step ahead. I miss you PB till my last breath. You live for eternity in our love filled hearts.


5 thoughts on “I Love you PB…

  1. Priya says:

    I dont know your dear frnd PB personally….but I am completely touched by the way u wrote out ur grief and ur anger in a way….I hope u get over it…tho u still have him in ur heart…

    May his soul rest in peace.

  2. pavan ts says:

    mama thx 4 ur article on behalf of evry1 who is a gud frnd of p.b ,he s def above us & i honestly request u to continue this good work of yours

  3. ashish avadhanula says:

    Thanks for your inputs. I’ll definitely continue posting, energized more than ever by encouraging readers like you.

  4. Anirudh(musti) :P says:

    yes….i know how it feels like……to lose someone close…!!! hope u recover soon..

  5. saranya says:

    after a year .. i still hav tears in my eyes .. miss him ..

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