Straight, Crooked and Bent …

I was inspired by an incident which took place 3 years ago. With slight modifications, I’ve come up with the present post. Read and respond.


Straight, Crooked and Bent … 


One boy, and two girls- all about three feet tall, and four years old, sat under a tree at around five in the evening. They played for a while, talked for a while, and I was glued to them all the while. Boys and girls- it’s always interesting. It’s fun, exciting and adventurous. Fun to talk, exciting to feel and it turns out to be adventurous once the villainy adults come to know. Their faces became anxious, the atmosphere became tense. The sun had by now dozed off, and darkness started to creep in. I had to strain my eyes to understand what exactly was going on. “It’s worth it,” I thought, for it was something related to boys and girls. Suddenly, a girl, dressed in bright orange stood up, and walked a few paces ahead. She then turned back and offered her hand to the boy, only to be rejected. She walked away in disdain. The boy moved closer to the other girl, and put his arm around her waist. She seemed to like it, for she did the same too. “Oh my God!!! OOH MY GAWD!!! He’s doing it,” I thought, shock and jealousy carried in every drop of my blood, from the brain, back to the heart.

 He just did what I couldn’t do in two decades on this earth. Dumbstruck by the envious sight, I cursed the gods- Ram, Allah and Jesus. Years have rolled by, yet I was unsuccessful.

It was in class one, I remember. I sat beside a girl called Zubaina. She was fair and friendly and what else could I ask for at such an age? I loved her a lot. So much that I had given her all the chocolates my father had bought. We played in lunch break, and ate that corner bakery’s plum cake. She introduced me to her brother, three years elder and ten times stronger. I started loving her more and more until I was promoted to class four.

Then came Marsha, the first girl I had to fight for. She sat behind me, and beside a very good friend of mine. I still remember vividly. He called me and asked me to turn around, and I saw him dropping an eraser on to the ground. He bent down, and I followed him too. He kissed her leg, leaving me spellbound. I got up with envy, and considered him my enemy. It then took me four years to fall in love again.

I was in class eight, dressed in trousers for the first time to school. I bought a fancy bag, bought a new watch too. I rated all the girls, and put them in a preferential queue. I used to stare at a girl, in the class diagonal to ours, heedless of the class and wasting long hours. She was short and sweet, fair and neat. She called me one day, I don’t know why. I was enthused and enticed, and started loving her right from that night. I remember. I went out with her and ate a cheese and chicken burger. I talked to her daily, until one day, she left the school, making me feel very lonely.

One fine day, when the sun shone gay, I spotted a girl, walking beside me in the narrow pathway. My stomach did a back flip and I caught hold of my heart, making sure it didn’t slip. I followed her daily, and loved her heartily. I gathered all my courage, and decided to propose her for marriage. It was my sixteenth birthday, and the most unique in its own way. I was rejected, and left behind, all for myself. She already had one- A dirty looking fat one, with a nose resembling a rusty old gun. I was depressed and deprived, passionate and desperate.

Each time I tried, I failed. I fought back and I was still unsuccessful. Each defeat instilled a new spirit in me. But this was something I couldn’t digest at all. I felt like a loser, failing forever and ever. My hopes have died, and the castles I’ve built in air have crashed. I wiped the tears that have rolled down my cheeks, and turned around to at least appreciate the kid’s fortune.

They were still like that, unwilling to get up. Slowly, he bent forward, and put his head in her lap, and she caught hold of his hair and pulled it hard. He struggled for a while, and finally stood up. With the polio ridden girl in his arms, and the crutches in her tiny hands, he walked back home.  I smiled at myself and stood silent for a while…Well, what did I think he just did?


10 thoughts on “Straight, Crooked and Bent …

  1. ramya says:

    hmmm…. wht can i say abt ur writin… u hav magic in ur wordz.. hmmm ur sooo right abt the way v luk at things… appearance is soooooooooooooo misleading…. thr was this 1 incident when i was lukin outta the auto and suddenly i saw this man on fire.. my heart stopped 4 a second.. then i realised tht the fire was behind the man and he was bendin in front of it… it was funny to c how appearances can b sooooooooo deceptive.. but ur potrayal of this is toooooooooooooo good…. amazing language.. and u hav THE TOUCH… all da best.. u will hav an amazin future as a scriptwriter u kno….. all da best.. tc

  2. Anirudh(musti) :P says:

    Brilliantly expressed !!! And one thng, i tried countin….but wasn’t very successful……how many girls did u mention in this whole article ??? 😛
    u did rock ra….u surely are expressive… the truest sense of the word ..!!!

  3. kavya says:

    great work ashish! really wonderful..put up a good example to show how people hav different perspectives!! each one may not be the right thing too.. nicely narrated 🙂 would like to read on more..

  4. prateikprince says:

    nice! very nice! well done! Your best by far 🙂

  5. indu says:

    Good work.Great effort.Well done.The message is subtle,interesting.The title stirs curiosity.All the best.

  6. arushi says:


  7. divya says:

    born womanizer

  8. chaitanya says:

    hey aashish, nice one. u said it was a true incident? wen n where? jus curious.

    • ashish avadhanula says:

      Yea, it was inspired from a true incident which took place when I was in inter…certain things can’t be mentioned here … so i’ll tell that later … [:p]

  9. neha says:

    hmmm very nice n cute

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