A Dream, called ABHIYANTA

To dream about a world beyond the realms of tangibility is one thing; to make those dreams come true is another. And when few such dreamers come together to walk on a common path, the dream becomes a vision, and when they face all challenges, and overcome all obstacles, the vision becomes reality!

If there are some feelings beyond expression, and some expressions beyond imagination, then this is one of them. The memorable journey of making our dream called ‘Abhiyanta’ a reality was an enriching experience to say the least.

‘Abhiyanta’ was a national level technical symposium organized by the students of the Department of EEE, GVPCOE. Apart from the conventional events, we have come up with a new event called ‘Colloquium’, a discussion forum on alternative sources of energy. And through this journey, the latent talents of budding engineers have been brought to light.

I must confess that the taste of success was nevertheless without hindrances and setbacks. At one point, our dream was almost shattered asunder. It was the grit, determination and perseverance of a few of us that made the impossible possible. We learnt how to move from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm, the definition of team from a fourth dimension, and our relationship with our peers underwent a colossal transformation. Leaders were born, creativity was excavated, and patience and endurance were imbibed. What had thus begun as a dream of few is now a reality in the eyes of many.

Throughout the freezing nights of December,

With blazing hearts in peak winter,

Working through the daylight,

And after those long sleepless nights,

We celebrated innovation, we celebrated engineering. We celebrated ABHIYANTA!


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