Only to Die Are We Living

I look at those tall concrete jungles;

some big, some large, and some just larger.

Oh God! Where do I find a tiled roof for my shelter?

I look at those monstrous creatures that can’t fly,

brawling amongst themselves for a bucket of water.

Oh God! Why am I too weak to fight for a drop to quench my thirst?

I look at those big round drums that hang on to some giant metallic towers,

excreting a weird buzz that trembles my feathers.

Oh God! Why don’t I have the privilege to fly like my grandparents, in those years?

I look at those monsters that can’t fly,

eat in packets, processed and refined.

Oh God! Where do I search to get some grains to dine?

My mother died, father died;

Brother, sister and friends expired.

But, somewhere, somehow, a sparrow like me survived,

With no water left in my puny body,

to even perspire at the Sun God’s fury;

With no energy left in my half-dead remains,

to endure without my food- the husk of those grains.

But, somewhere, somehow, a sparrow like me is suffering,

Starved and threatened, and only to die are we living.


2 thoughts on “Only to Die Are We Living

  1. Deepthi says:

    my heart always poured for sparrows but this is so far the best thing i have ever read…very well written…EXCELLENT 🙂

  2. Sainath says:

    simply superb
    it’s very gud

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