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For a Bright New Dawn

For a Bright New Dawn

At the crossroads I stood,

looking at the world around.

To the right were the lush green fields,

fenced with wooden sticks and thick barbed wire;

Men and women were working hard,

reaping the harvest of their labour.

They put the yield in numerous bags,

and carried them on their half bent backs.

I followed them, with intent,

till they put the grains in their landlords tent.

I walked back,

to find myself again at the crossroads.

Then to the left, I saw,

few men and women with a sickle and a plough.

They were working hard too,

tilling the dry red soil,

and removing the trenches of stone.

The land was barren, large, and open.

Perplexed I was, as I walked up to them.

I didn’t know why I went to those dry lands-

was it to help them or to sympathize with them?

Sunddenly, a man came to me and said,

“We’re struggling my son, to cultivate this barren land,

to make it green, and share the yield.”

I stood there for a while, with thoughts wandering-

Which way do I go?

To the left or to the right?

What do I do?

Waste my labour to feed my landlord, or use the same to share with people?

It was night, and I still stood there-

thinking about what’s right (to be done)

and what’s left (to be done).

Finally decided, I joined the struggle-

to make the arid arable.

To create an open land with no fences thereon,

I decided to work there all night to see a bright new dawn.


Only to Die Are We Living

I look at those tall concrete jungles;

some big, some large, and some just larger.

Oh God! Where do I find a tiled roof for my shelter?

I look at those monstrous creatures that can’t fly,

brawling amongst themselves for a bucket of water.

Oh God! Why am I too weak to fight for a drop to quench my thirst?

I look at those big round drums that hang on to some giant metallic towers,

excreting a weird buzz that trembles my feathers.

Oh God! Why don’t I have the privilege to fly like my grandparents, in those years?

I look at those monsters that can’t fly,

eat in packets, processed and refined.

Oh God! Where do I search to get some grains to dine?

My mother died, father died;

Brother, sister and friends expired.

But, somewhere, somehow, a sparrow like me survived,

With no water left in my puny body,

to even perspire at the Sun God’s fury;

With no energy left in my half-dead remains,

to endure without my food- the husk of those grains.

But, somewhere, somehow, a sparrow like me is suffering,

Starved and threatened, and only to die are we living.


One night as I looked out of the window, I could see the stars twinke, and the bright full moon glow. Inspired by the ecstatic sight, I gave my thoughts a shape, leading to this poem, ” I AM YOUR VALENTINE”


One night, As I looked out of my window,

I could see the stars twinkle, and the bright full moon glow.

The breeze was cool and erratic,

Perfect for any lover to get romantic.


One night, As I walked in the winters cold,

I wondered, what was largest in this vast world.

Is it the Mount Everest?

Or is it the love for your dearest?


One night, As I started to dream,

Your beautiful face began to gleam.

My heart, you began to tow,

Is this what they call love?


From then, I had no sleep,

And in your thoughts, I was engrossed deep.

My joy knew no bounds,

For the first time I heard the love sounds.


It is not the Tibetan plateau,

Not the Egyptian desert too.

There is something larger than the oceans blue,

And that is my love for you.


Today, at dawn, As I looked out of my window,

I could see a dim auroral glow.

The breeze was cool and erratic,

Perfect for any lover to get romantic.


I was firstly delighted, then confused,

As my heart had into yours diffused.

No words could express my feeling,

No gifts to show how much I was craving.


Your happiness is mine,

Your eyes divine.

I am your valentine,

Truer than the bright sunshine.


Lifeless Life . . .

After a memorable first year at an Engineering College, I penned down all my experiences; friends, crush, seniors, a two day tech fest, and more importantly, cursed my lecturers for their indifference towards students like myself.





It was during the initial days of college,

I was filled with determination and courage.

I had the zeal to succeed,

And the desire to achieve.


I made new friends, and met new people,

Each with a completely different principle.

But the only thing that made me love the college,

Was the girl I saw, dressed in dull orange.


Everything was fine, I thought.

But, then, from the class I was asked to get out.

The period was English,

The subject that I most relish.


This habit became regular,

Hence to college, I became irregular.

It seemed ridiculous and annoying,

Being sent out for improper dressing!!


Fortunately, I had found some company.

Sweet friends! They were always with me.

Each time we were punished,

Our bonding had by tenfold increased.


As we were sitting in the classroom, one fine day,

We were asked to submit the assignments next Tuesday.

Writing an imposition for twenty times,

We thought would definitely bend our spines.


Time and again, we postponed it,

Week after week, we never looked at it.

Reason after reason, we avoided it.

And for all this, we were in the class, denied to sit.


We wished we could be some amongst the many,

Sincere, obedient and a teacher’s honey.

Always listening and never back answering,

Studious, serious and never ever talking.


We were determined for some days,

And we shifted from our BACK-BENCH place.

The Internals were round the corner,

And we hustled past the subjects one after another.



Kirchchoff’s Laws, the Magnetic dipoles,

And EDC which is so full of holes.

Cubic structure and the memory allocation,

And then of course the partial differentiation.  


Then, for the first time, our seniors came to our classes,

Seeking our help to make ABHIYANTA a grand success.

They were sweet and caring, soft and understanding,

But deep in our hearts, there was a fear of ragging.


It was then time for the SEEE sports,

And with seniors, those silly retorts.

We were taught Winning and losing are a part of the game,



My experiences as a freshman are sweet and bitter,

And there are a countless things to remember.

Thank You, dear professors, for the boundless care,

Without your guidance, we would reach nowhere.


Student life is like a ship in the ocean,

Facing the storms, we should sail in the right direction.

Joy and sorrow, laughter and tears,

We should reach the final destination, “BECOME SUCCESFUL ENGINEERS.”

















An Outcome of Anger . . .

What do you do when you’re rebuked by your father for no fault of yours? What do you do when your crush goes out with your best friend? What do you do when you’re angry??

Well, I was once sent out of the class for reasons unknown. What was the outcome of it?

The outcome was this poem… ” If I Were A Squirrel, So Free.”

If I Were A Squirrel, So Free

It was a hot and humid afternoon,

And I was punished for reasons unknown.

I sat in a chair, in one lonely corner,

Biting my nails, and my heart brimmed with anger.

Suddenly, a cool and gentle breeze blew,

And the hair falling on my forehead flew.

I looked out of the window,

And saw with awe, a squirrel move to and fro.

It climbed up a tree,

And jumped with glee.

No one to restrict,

No one to contradict.

I wish I were a squirrel, so free.

No rules and regulations that govern me.

I wish my life was beautiful, just like that,

With boundless freedom, no one to cut.

No books, no bags, no heavy loads,

To carry on my shoulders, on the bustling roads.

No seniors, no sirs, no one to fight,

I could dance like no one’s watching, in the bright sun light.

And then, I could hear a dog, from a distance bark,

And the squirrel hid in a hole so dark.

It was then that I realized, problems exist everywhere,

It’s how you face them, that takes you anywhere.


Forsake, Oh Poor Men

Women were always considered to be an inferior gender in the society. There were times when they weren’t allowed to leave their homes, and all they could dream of doing was the monotonous household chores. Thanks to some great visionaries, those shackles have been broken in the recent times. We are now a proud nation to have produced a Kalpana Chawla and an Indira Gandhi. The recent news of a surge in cases of violence against women has however, left me aghast. Be it the acid attacks on two engineering students from Warangal, or be it the murder of an upcoming actress down south, the impact of these incidents was tremendous.

This poem titled “Forsake, Oh Poor Men” expresses my resentment over the occurence of such incidents…


Forsake, Oh Poor Men!!!

Soft, tender, and lovelier than a lily,

With sparkling brown eyes, and radiating beauty;

After centuries of cruelty, and atrocity,

They began to venture out into a male dominant society.

We attack them, and injure them,

And then their freedom, we condemn.

Oh! Wicked men!!When do we realize, it’s a woman who gave us birth?

And without the existence of whom, none could survive on this earth?

It’s a gender which feeds us with the milk of their breast,

Despite the pain, and suffering, and the blood that flows abreast.

But what do we, cruel men give them in return?

Acid burns, words so stern, and a painful spurn?

Oh, shameless men!!! Arise and awake…

It’s time to think, act, and forsake.

For woman is the only oppressed; who lives in close intimacy,

With their oppressors who live in blind folded supremacy.